Managing Knowledge: A guide to good practice

This web-tool contains guidance in numerous forms to aid public sector organizations in both evaluating and improving practices related to the strategic management of knowledge. It is flexible so that organizations can use the practices, tools and ideas that work for their particular context.

The central feature of the good practice guide is a self-assessment tool that includes two key components, the Self-assessment Guide (left side of the brain) and the interactive self-assessment instrument (right side of the brain).

The other features of this web-tool provide further details and explanations to support the self-assessment process.

In the What & Why section, we have included key concepts regarding knowledge and its management as well as why it is critical to the success of public sector organizations.

The Case Studies and the Good Ideas demonstrate how the concepts identified in the self-assessment guide can be applied in practice.

The Tool Kits include practice guides on numerous topics, definitions and a comprehensive list of additional sources.