Annual Report and Financial Statements 2020/21

June 2021
The 2020/21 annual report and accompanying financial statements provide an overview of our performance and financial position over the last year, as well as a look at our current goals and priorities.

Community Living BC’s Framework for Monitoring Home Sharing Providers

June 2021
This audit examined whether Community Living BC (CLBC) had implemented a monitoring framework to ensure home sharing providers met the following contract requirements in 2018–19: aligning service delivery to further quality-of-life outcomes for people in care  complying with contracted standards and service requirements  

Management of the Conservation Lands Program

May 2021
This audit examined whether the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development has effectively managed the Conservation Lands Program to conserve important habitats for significant fish and wildlife species such as species at risk and migratory birds.

Avalanche Safety on Provincial Highways

April 2021
This audit examined whether the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is effectively managing its avalanche safety program to ensure the safety of highway users and to minimize the frequency and duration of avalanche-related road closures.

Auditor General's Status Report

March 2021
This report outlines the status of audits that have changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Updates include the audit of BC Hydro’s Site C dam project, as well as audits of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, substance use services, mental health services wait times, and management of hazardous materials spills, among others.

Performance Audit Coverage Plan 2021/22 to 2022/23

March 2021
Each year, the office produces two coverage plans—the Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan and the Performance Audit Coverage Plan—which together, summarize our future work plans. This plan—the Performance Audit Coverage Plan—details the 17 performance audits we are currently working on and the 20 audits we intend to start between now and March 31, 2023.

Vancouver Community College: Executive Compensation Disclosures Audit

March 2021
This audit assessed whether Vancouver Community College’s annual compensation disclosures for executives complied with the Financial Information Act (FIA) and the Public Sector Employers Act (PSEA).