Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada - A Collaborative Report from Auditors General

March 2018
This collaborative audit provides an overall and independent assessment of the state of climate change action in Canada, based on audit work released over the last 18 months by the auditors general across the country. A recording of the webinar is on the Office of the Auditor General of Canada's website. Managing Climate Change Risks: An Independent Audit was published by our office in February 2018.

Observations on the BC Utilities Commission

March 2018
This information report draws attention to key aspects of government task force reviews of the BC Utilities Commission that still warrant government’s consideration. The report also describes the roles and responsibilities of the commission.

An Independent Audit of the Recruitment and Retention of Rural and Remote Nurses in Northern B.C.

February 2018
This audit looked to see if Northern Health was effectively recruiting and retaining registered nurses and nurse practitioners to fill the rural registered nurse and nurse practitioner positions identified in its human health resources plan.

Managing Climate Change Risks: An Independent Audit

February 2018
This audit looked at whether government is adequately managing the risks posed by climate change. This audit was part of a collaborative climate change audit across Canada titled Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada.

Performance Audit Coverage Plan 2017/18 - 2019/20

January 2018
The Performance Audit Coverage Plan lists in-progress audits as well as those that the office anticipates starting over the next three years. This year, new performance audit topics include post-secondary student mental health, the RCMP contract, and access to timely cancer care. The office has paused work on seven projects, including the George Massey Tunnel Replacement and the Transportation Investment Corporation due to recent changes in these areas. The office will monitor these projects to determine if further work would add value.

Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan 2018/19 - 2020/2021

January 2018
The Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan outlines a three-year financial audit plan for the Auditor General, detailing which government organizations our office will audit directly and which will be audited by private sector auditors. The plan is prepared according to the Auditor General Act and professional auditing standards, and presented to the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts for approval.

An Independent Audit of the Regional Transportation Management Centre's Cybersecurity Controls

October 2017
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Regional Transportation Management Centre (RTMC) manages traffic flow at major bridges and roadways throughout the province. This audit looked to see if the RTMC had foundational cybersecurity controls in place. It didn’t assess the effectiveness of these controls.