News Releases

Below are our most recent news releases. If you are looking for older releases, you can find them with the corresponding report under Publications.

September 2020

September 11 - Auditor general releases report on COVID-19 spending commitments, relief measures

July 2020

July 29 - Michael Pickup sworn in as British Columbia’s new auditor general

June 2020

June 2 - B.C. immigration program helps fill labour gaps, but fraud safeguards need work
Related Report - Skills Immigration Stream of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

October 2019

October 24 - B.C. Sheriff Service working on human resources, more needs to be done
Related Report - Managing Human Resources at the B.C. Sheriff Service

September 2019

September 25 - Statement from the Office of the Auditor General

September 19 - Gaps and weaknesses in policy framework and practices at the Legislative Assembly
Related Report - Expense Policies and Practices in the Offices of the Speaker, Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms

August 2019

August 22 - SD36 managing its executive expenses well
Related Report - Executive Expenses at School District 36

August 13 - Key controls in place to prevent unauthorized access to government systems
Related Report - The B.C. Government’s Internal Directory Account Management

July 2019

July 30 - Ministry of Health, PHO need to do more to ensure safety of drinking water
Related Report - The Protection of Drinking Water

July 19 - Government should follow generally accepted accounting principles
Related Report - Understanding Our Audit Opinion on B.C.’s 2018/19 Summary Financial Statements

July 10 - LDB contract files not in compliance with government policy
Related Report - BC Liquor Distribution Branch Directly Awarded Contracts

June 2019

June 28 - Auditor general outlines performance, goals and priorities
Related Report - Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018/19

June 19 - Government not effectively overseeing contracted residential services
Related Report - Oversight of Contracted Residential Services for Children and Youth in Care

June 18 - New progress audit on education of Indigenous students
Related Report - Progress Audit: The Education of Aboriginal Students in the B.C. Public School System

April 2019

April 17 - BC Hydro could do more to improve cybersecurity on its power system
Related Report - Detection and Response to Cybersecurity Threats on BC Hydro’s Industrial Control Systems

March 2019

March 19 - Auditor General's goals for coming year
Related Report - Service Plan 2019/20 - 2021/22

March 14 - Growing number of unrestored oil and gas sites increases environmental and financial risks
Related report - The BC Oil and Gas Commission’s Management of Non-Operating Oil and Gas Sites

February 2019

February 27 - Patient access to emergency health services needs improvement
Related report - Access to Emergency Health Services

February 26 - Government’s progress since 2015 audit on correctional facilities and programs
Related Report - Progress Audit: Correctional Facilities and Programs

February 6 - Rate-regulated accounting at BC Hydro, explained
Related Report - Rate-regulated Accounting at BC Hydro

January 2019

January 31 - Auditor General releases two reports on program controls
Related Reports - Master Supplier File Maintenance and The Short Term Illness and Injury Plan

January 31 - Auditor General releases list of projects for next three years
Related Reports - Performance Audit Coverage Plan 2019/20 - 2021/22 and Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan 2019/20 - 2021/22

December 2018

December 11 - Government needs to do much more to ensure commercial vehicle safety
Related Report - An Independent Audit of Commercial Vehicle Safety

December 5 - BC Hydro managing its billions in capital assets well
Related Report - Independent Audit of Capital Asset Management in BC Hydro

October 2018

October 9 - Government can improve its reporting of tax expenditures
Related Report - Understanding Tax Expenditures

August 2018

August 29 - Government should follow generally accepted accounting principles
Related Report - Understanding Our Audit Opinion on B.C.'s 2017/18 Summary Financial Statements