News Releases

Below are our most recent news releases. If you are looking for older releases, you can find them with the corresponding report on our Publications page.

April 2018
April 13 - Auditor General highlights strategies to make significant impact
Related Report - Service Plan 2018/19 - 2020/21

March 2018

March 15 - Auditor General highlights risks to the BC Utilities Commission’s effectiveness
Related Report - Observations on the BC Utilities Commission

February 2018

February 22 - Northern Health unable to fill a substantial number of nursing positions in rural areas
Related Report - An Independent Audit of the Recruitment and Retention of Rural and Remote Nurses in Northern B.C.

February 15 - Government not adequately managing climate change risks
Related Report - Managing Climate Change Risks: An Independent Audit

January 2018

January 24 - Auditor General releases list of projects for next three years
Related Reports - Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan 2018/19 - 2020/2021 & Performance Audit Coverage Plan 2017/18 - 2019/20

October 2017

October 26 - Significant gaps in Regional Transit Management Centre’s cybersecurity controls
Related Report - An Independent Audit of the Regional Transportation Management Centre's Cybersecurity Controls

October 24 - Ministries’ management of grizzly bears did not meet expectations
Related Report - An Independent Audit of Grizzly Bear Management

August 2017

August 22 - Auditor General's audit opinion on government's financial statements
Related Report - The Auditor General's Opinion on the 2016/17 Summary Financial Statements

August 3 - Stronger ministry oversight of multi-year contract needed
Related Report - An Audit of the Contract for the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

July 2017

July 14 - Auditor General looks back at 2016/17
Related Report - Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016/17

April 2017

April 7 - Auditor General’s service plan helps ensure influence and relevancy
Related Report - Service Plan 2017/18 - 2019/20

April 4 - Government's process for budget forecasting is sound
Related Report - Budget Process Examination Phase 2: Forecasting for Operating Expense, Capital Spending and Debt

March 2017

March 30 - Province selling social housing without establishing value for money
Related Report - An Audit of BC Housing's Non-Profit Asset Transfer Program

March 28 - Police IT system security improved, but more needed
Related Report - PRIME-BC - A Security Audit

March 14 - B.C.’s health-care costs reach $19.2 billion and rising
Related Report - Health Funding Explained 2

March 9 - Government has good practice for ethics, but needs to tie it all together
Related Report - An Audit of B.C. Public Service Ethics Management

February 2017

February 28 - Auditor General reports on the 2015/16 Public Accounts
Related Report -  The 2015/16 Public Accounts and the Auditor General's Findings

February 20 - Follow-up on Integrated Case Management (ICM) system
Related Report - Progress Audit: Integrated Case Management System

February 9 - Follow-up on Evergreen Line looks at capital project decisions
Related Report - Progress Audit: Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project