Follow-Up Report: Updates on the Implementation of Recommendations from Recent Reports

June 2014

This follow-up report provides audit level assurance on four of the 18 self-assessments from ministries and organizations in implementing recommendations from recent reports, verifies progress for 26 recommendations from four reports, and contains a follow-up to our 2011 report on BC Hydro.

follow-up hydro recommendation

Summary Report: Winter 2014

February 2014

The Summary Report: Winter 2014 shares findings from two projects: Health Shared Services BC and the K-12 Funding Allocation Model. It also recognizes some of the good work done in Government, which may not otherwise be shared in a public realm.

summary health shared services BC K-12 education funding allocation model

Oversight of Physician Services

February 2014

An audit to determine whether the Ministry of Health, health authorities, and the Medical Services Commission are ensuring that British Columbians receive value for money for physician services.

This report was discussed by the Legislative Assembly's Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts on September 30, 2014.

health physician medical services commission authority value

Follow-up Report: Updates on the Implementation of Recommendations from Recent Reports (April 2013)

April 2013

This follow-up report contains the self-assessed progress of ministries and organizations in implementing the recommendations from recent reports. It also contains the results of the Office's two first examinations of self-assessed progress.


Striving for Quality, Timely and Safe Patient Care: An Audit of Air Ambulance Services in B.C.

March 2013

 We carried out this audit to determine whether air ambulance services delivered by the BC Ambulance Service provide quality, timely and safe patient care.


Health Benefits Operations: Are the Expected Benefits Being Achieved?

February 2013

This audit  focuses on whether the stated benefits of the Ministry of Health’s alternative service delivery arrangement to administer the Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare programs have been achieved by asking the following questions:

health bc maximus pharmacare medical-services-plan ministry-of-health msp

Health Funding Explained

January 2013

This public information piece is designed to help the public and legislators understand how provincial health-care dollars are spent.

Health Funding Explained is the first time the Office has undertaken such an extensive public-information project and we are eager to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this piece, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Crown Agency Board Governance

May 2012

This report contains the results of examinations of board governance at four Crown agencies: BC Transit, the University of Northern B.C., Camosun College and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

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Follow-up Report: Updates on the implementation of recommendations from recent reports (October 2011)

October 2011

This follow-up report contains the self-assessed progress of ministries and organizations in implementing the Auditor General's recommendations. It also includes two progress assessments.


Audit of the Academic Ambulatory Care Centre Public Private Partnership: Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

May 2011

This audit assessed whether the Academic Ambulatory Care Centre P3 project has achieved its value-for-money goals based on the first five years of the project agreement. It also makes recommendations for future public-private partnership projects.



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