Managing the Cumulative Effects of Natural Resource Development in B.C.

May 2015
Looks at government’s management of cumulative effects, which are changes to the environment caused by the combined impact of past, present and potential future activity.

Follow-Up Report: Environmental Assessment Office

May 2015
A follow-up report to our 2011 audit of the EAO's oversight of certified projects. Contains the EAO's self-assessed progress and our progress audit on the six recommendations made in the original report.
ICM Audit

Integrated Case Management System

March 2015
Looks at access and data quality management, as well as implementation scope and costs in ICM, the main IT system for social services.

An Audit of the Adult Custody Division's Correctional Facilities and Programs

January 2015
This audit assesses whether the Adult Custody Division is planning for, and providing, the facilities and programs it needs to meet its mandate. It contains eight recommendations.

Distinguishing Between Government Program & Partisan Political Advertising: An Update to Our 1996 Report

November 2014
Looks at the importance of distinguishing between government advertisements for the purpose of informing citizens versus partisan political advertisements. Recommendations include providing guidance in this area to civil servants. This report was discussed by the Legislative Assembly's Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts on February 5, 2015.

The 2014 Summary Financial Statements and the Auditor General's Findings

October 2014
This annual report reviews government’s 2013/14 summary financial statements, as well as explains the Auditor General’s Audit Opinion. A new section this year looks at the bigger picture of the statements. This report was discussed by the Legislative Assembly's Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts on December 8, 2014.

Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan for Fiscal Years 2015/2016 through 2017/2018

September 2014
The Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan outlines a three-year audit plan for the Auditor General, detailing which government organizations our Office will audit directly and which will be audited by private sector auditors.The plan is prepared according to Auditor General Act and professional auditing standards, and presented to the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts for approval.