Publications: 2014

Distinguishing Between Government Program & Partisan Political Advertising: An Update to Our 1996 Report

November 2014

Looks at the importance of distinguishing between government advertisements for the purpose of informing citizens versus partisan political advertisements. Recommendations include providing guidance in this area to civil servants.

The 2014 Summary Financial Statements and the Auditor General's Findings

October 2014

This annual report reviews government’s 2013/14 summary financial statements, as well as explains the Auditor General’s Audit Opinion. A new section this year looks at the bigger picture of the statements.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2013/14

August 2014

The annual report on the Office's performance and financial position with accompanying financial statements.

Follow-Up Report: Updates on the Implementation of Recommendations from Recent Reports

June 2014

This follow-up report provides audit level assurance on four of the 18 self-assessments from ministries and organizations in implementing recommendations from recent reports, verifies progress for 26 recommendations from four reports, and contains a follow-up to our 2011 report on BC Hydro.

Understanding Canadian Public Sector Financial Statements

June 2014

This guide is to help readers – specifically those who are not familiar with public sector financial statements – improve their ability to review and interpret government financial reports.

An article based on this report appears in CPA BC's In Focus Magazine (Sept/Oct 2014) on pages 32 and 33.

Disability Assistance: An Audit of Program Access, Integrity and Results

May 2014

The audit looked at the accessibility of the disability assistance program, the accuracy and timeliness of eligibility decisions, and whether the program contributes to improved outcomes for clients.

Receiving Value for Money from Procured Professional and Advisory Services

May 2014

This audit emphasizes the importance of government ensuring its procurement practices and policies are fair and consistently achieve the right services at the right price and time.

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