About Us

The Auditor General is the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia’s independent auditor. Under the Auditor General Act, the Office of the Auditor General serves the people of British Columbia and their elected representatives by conducting independent audits and advising on how well government is managing its responsibilities and resources.

The Office of the Auditor General is:
  • Responsible for auditing most of government, including its ministries, Crown corporations, and other organizations.
  • Attentive to the needs, expectations, and priorities of the Legislature.
  • Open, responsive, and aware of the needs and expectations of public sector managers so that we can provide sound advice and recommendations for administrative improvement.
The Auditor General’s reports:
  • Provide positive assessments where warranted.
  • Highlight issues requiring the attention of the Legislature or government.
  • Contain recommendations that assist in improving performance. 

Learn more about our Office by reading our introductory brochure.