Senior Staff

Michael Pickup FCPA, FCA

Auditor General

Michael Pickup began his eight-year term as Auditor General of British Columbia in July 2020. 

Russ Jones FCPA, FCA, ICD.D

Deputy Auditor General

Russ Jones is the Deputy Auditor General.

Performance Audit

Malcolm Gaston CPA, CMA, CPFA (UK)

Assistant Auditor General

Malcolm Gaston joined the OAG in 2005 and is an Assistant Auditor General and part of the executive team. His work covers the broad spectrum of the provincial public sector, and he has a particular focus on governance, justice and public safety, and economic development.

Sheila Dodds

Sheila Dodds CPA, CA, CIA

Assistant Auditor General

Sheila Dodds is an Assistant Auditor General who shares responsibility for the Performance Audit portfolio with a focus on education and cross-government performance audits.  

Peter Nagati RPF, MBA

Executive Director

Peter Nagati is an Executive Director in Performance Audit.  He is responsible for leading audits of how effectively government ministries and organizations are managing their programs and responsibilities.

IT Audit and Support

Cornell Dover CPA, CA, CISA

Assistant Auditor General

Cornell Dover is the Assistant Auditor General responsible for IT Audit. He is responsible for providing IT solutions that support the Office as it provides audit services to the provincial government.

Stephen Gordon

Chief Information Officer

Stephen Gordon is the Chief Information Officer at the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia. He leads the information technology portfolio for our office and is responsible for ensuring our digital services support our day-to-day work and meet the evolving needs of the office.

Tracy Houser

Chief People Officer

Tracy Houser is the Chief People Officer at the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia. She is responsible for workforce planning, culture and engagement, learning and leadership development, and building change capacity within the OAG.

Financial Audit

Stuart Newton CA, CIA

Stuart Newton CPA, CA

Assistant Auditor General

Stuart Newton is the Assistant Auditor General responsible for the office’s Financial Statement Audit portfolio. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 27 years of internal and external audit, consulting and financial policy experience.

Peter Bourne

Peter Bourne CPA, CA, CIA


Peter Bourne is a Principal, Financial Audit. He has responsibility for a number of financial statement audits of government ministries and organizations, and for public inquiries / investigations.

Lisa Moore CPA, CA


Lisa Moore is a Principal, Financial Audit. She has responsibility for a number of financial statement audits of government ministries and organizations.

Laurie Selwood CPA, CA


Laurie Selwood is a Principal in Financial Audit. She has responsibility for the financial statement audits of a number of government organizations and ministries.

Standards and Quality

Bridget Parrish CPA, CA

Executive Director

Bridget Parrish leads our Professional Practices group. She has operational responsibility for the office's system of quality control, including the development, implementation and monitoring of our quality control policies and procedures.

Laura Hatt

Executive Director

Laura Hatt is an Executive Director, Performance Audit currently working in the Professional Practices group.