Public Sector Board Use of Information in British Columbia 2012: Progress Update Since 2009

April 2, 2013

This project examines whether boards of B.C.'s government entities are receiving and using the information needed to effectively fulfill their functions, and to assess progress since our report of December 2009: Making the Right Decisions: Information Use by the Boards of Public Sector Organizations. This project is based on a self-assessment survey administered to all board members and corporate representatives of B.C.’s public sector organizations that are governed by a board, and seeks to answer whether board members:

  •  understand their information needs
  • have access to the information they require to fulfill their responsibilities?
  • have access to high quality information?
  • understand how to use the information they receive?
  • use the information they receive?
  • evaluate the quality and quantity of information they receive?

This report was discussed by the Legislative Assembly's Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts on February 4, 2015.