BC Transit's objectives

The overriding objective behind government’s Provincial Transit Plan is connecting transit growth and development to climate action goals.

The focus of BC Transit’s mandate in the Transit Act, which was set in 1986, is to support regional economic development

Figure 6 - Timeline of BC Transit legislative and policy initiatives (click image to enlarge)

To consider: How should the varying objectives for transit be reflected in legislation?

Several other policy documents contain a wider range of goals and objectives for BC Transit.

To consider: How should all of the various plans that relate to transit fit together?

There is general agreement among stakeholders that increasing transit ridership is an important goal, along with reducing single-occupant vehicle use. There is also widespread support for the ultimate goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion. At the same time, stakeholders hold social, environmental and economic goals for transit. Multiple and often conflicting objectives cannot be resourced equally so they must be prioritized.

To consider: When different transit objectives cannot be pursued simultaneously, how should they be prioritized?