Multiple stakeholders

There are three main stakeholder groups in the development and funding of transit services across BC: the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the BC Transit Crown corporation, and the 130+ local governments outside of metro Vancouver that host transit services. The division of roles and responsibilities is complex. Lead roles for stakeholders vary from one decision-making area to the next.

Figure 5 - Transit roles and responsibilities (click image to enlarge)


Numerous other agencies also have a role to play in transit development, funding, and/or operations: 
  • federal government
  • transit operating companies
  • other provincial ministries
  • major employers, post-secondary institutions and hospitals (concentrated populations of transit users) 
  • airport authorities
  • BC Ferries

Transit customers’ needs and preferences also influence transit decision-making, and BC Transit solicits input from the public into transit planning.

To consider: Does the current governance model allow for the most efficient and effective allocation of roles and responsibilities to meet the long-term sustainable transportation goals?