This report provides an overview of the three areas that are key in shaping the future of transit: policy and governance, funding and design of transit services. It also includes observations regarding the context in which BC Transit is pursuing this significant growth strategy.

In addition, it contains questions for provincial ministries, BC Transit, and local governments to consider as they work to increase ridership and develop a sustainable transportation system.

The inclusion of the questions to consider DOES NOT imply that the stakeholders are not aware of these issues or that we have judged there to be problems in these areas. The questions are offered to help maintain focus on important issues, many of which are already being addressed by the respective parties.

In this early phase of the transformative plan, the questions we offer are broad and focused on policy-level decisions. As these questions are addressed, the focus can shift to operational-level decisions. Typically, there would be a comprehensive strategic plan at this phase of such a substantial project.