Why we produced this report

During the planning and conducting of our separate Audit of BC Transit's Ridership Growth Since the Launch of the 2008 Transit Plan (released in 2012), the Office of the Auditor General gathered information that was not included in the performance audit report. This valuable information, garnered from a variety of sources and compiled here, can assist legislators, stakeholders and British Columbians to understand the challenges and opportunities involved in achieving sustainable public transit.

This report aims to help the public understand:
  • what the government is trying to achieve with public transit and why
  • what the current responsibilities are for public transit planning and funding
  • what some of the challenges are in achieving the goals of sustainable transit
  • what opportunities could arise from moving public transit in B.C. to a higher level of sustainability
Our report complements several other recent publications on BC Transit, two of which were published by our Office. It also expands the information available to government as it considers how best to address the recommendations made in these other publications.
Recent publications include: