Stakeholder Relationships (Internal and External)

  • An active and planned approach is taken to defining and understanding stakeholder relationships so they can be developed and strengthened.
  • Appropriate structures and processes are in place to measure and review the quality and effectiveness of service or product delivery to stakeholders (both internal and external).
  • Clear channels of communication are established with stakeholders regarding the organization's mission, roles, objectives and performance.
  • Effective communication is established with stakeholders, including procedures for both internal and external enquiries and complaints.
  • Information in general is shared among key players, politicians, public servants and other stakeholders subject to respecting the confidentiality of personal information and commercial confidences.
  • Communication to stakeholders is balanced, understandable, transparent and timely.
  • Accountability to stakeholders is promoted by publicizing the identity of the members of the governing body, together with information about how and why they came to be appointed.
  • Clear management processes are established and documented.