Should I Be Using Public Participation?

To determine whether public participation should form part of the decision-making process and to what extent, one can use the following seven step process. This approach was derived from existing best practices in the province's public sector, and in governments across Canada and around the world. The steps are contained in three main categories:

  • determining the need for public participation, in light of the decision being sought;
  • gauging the level of involvement best suited to the decision at hand; and
  • building a successful public participation process.

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1 Determine who the decision-maker is, what the pending decision is and who will be affected.
2 Decide if public participation should be used.
3 Determine the issues related to the decision for each of the affected parties.
4 Determine the level of public participation that the decision-maker needs and what to consult on.
5 Determine the public participation methods best suited to the needs of participants.
6 Determine how public participation is to support and link to the decision.
7 Determine how the results are to be used.