Financial Guides

Understanding Canadian Public Sector Financial Statements - New!

Public Sector Model Financial Statements for Government Organizations and Summary of the CPA Canada Public Sector Handbook (updated February 2014)

Guidelines for Managing the Risk of Fraud in Government

A Guide to the Appointment of Auditors of Government Organizations

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template - Audit Services (Updated August 2013)

Governance Guides

Guide for Developing Relevant Key Performance Indicators for Public Sector Reporting

Public Participation - Principles and Best Practices for British Columbia

Public Sector Governance - A Guide to the Principles of Good Practice

Guidelines: Information use by the boards of public sector organizations

The BC Reporting Principles: Performance Reporting Principles for the British Columbia Public Sector

Other Guides and Resources

Health Funding Explained

Managing Knowledge: A guide to good practice

Understanding Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

What to expect from a Financial Audit

What to expect from a Performance Audit

Information Bulletins

A Discussion on the Auditor General's Qualified Opinion on B.C..'s 2012/13 Summary Financial Statements (Added August 2013)

Government Transfers - OAG Position Paper - June 2012

Reporting on Financial Statements in the B.C. Public Sector under Canadian Auditing Standards (added July 2012)

Unqualified Audit Opinions are Important: A discussion on the 2009/10 qualified audit opinion on B.C.'s summary financial statements

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