Publications: 2018

Getting IT Right: Achieving value from government information technology investments

October 2016
This report combines knowledge from previous audits with extensive research on IT-enabled projects in B.C. and other jurisdictions to identify common reasons for success and failure. It contains guidance and other resources, and is intended to help those charged with oversight of IT-enabled projects achieve greater success.

Performance Audit Coverage Plan 2016/17 - 2018/19

September 2016
A list of 56 performance audit projects that are either in progress or will begin over the next three years. This list is updated every year, and may change if new priorities emerge.

Progress Audit: Credit Union Supervision in B.C.

July 2016
This progress audit examines whether the Financial Institutions Commission, its oversight body, and the Ministry of Finance have fairly and accurately represented their progress against the recommendations made in our 2014 audit, Credit Union Supervision in British Columbia.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015/16

June 2016
The annual report on the Office's performance and financial position with accompanying financial statements.

Progress Audit Report: Effectiveness of B.C. Community Corrections

May 2016
This progress audit looks at whether or not the B.C. Community Corrections Division has fairly and accurately represented its progress against select recommendations made in the Effectiveness of B.C. Community Corrections audit, originally published in December 2011.

Access to Adult Tertiary Mental Health and Substance Use Services

May 2016
This report focuses on how B.C.'s health system manages access to adult tertiary mental health and substance use services, the highest level of care available for individuals with mental health and/or substance use issues.

An Audit of Mid-Size Capital Procurement in Post-Secondary Institutions

May 2016
This audit examined the prioritization, planning, activities, and assessment of capital procurement projects within the Ministry of Advanced Education and post-secondary institutions.